Introducing Number Manager web portal – We’re your one stop solution

Number Manager is the new market-leading web application platform that gives customers the ability to self-build and self-manage all inbound numbers & services through a single web portal.

Fab Teleocm offers a one-stop-shop service to our clients for all their communication needs

Based in Halifax West Yorkshire, Fab Telecom is an independent company without network tie-in or obligations, allowing us to partner with all key network service operators to offer our customers the best products & services available. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill our customers individual needs with tailored solutions from a wide-ranging product portfolio.

Auto Attendant & IVR

Efficiently manage inbound calls with a tailored automated reception menu service allowing callers to choose the person or department they need. Designed around you, this fully scalable and flexible solution gives a great first impression of your organisation and allows you to take complete control of your inbound calls.

Geographic Area Plans

This feature allows end-user customers the ability to route incoming calls to a pre-defined list of destinations based on the physical location of a caller.
This is a dynamic way of distributing calls to the nearest branch or store, allowing clients to publish a single central telephone number, rather than a directory listing which is impractical in most marketing situations.

Call Queuing

This is a network-based call queuing application, which holds calls when destination numbers are found to be busy.
This is a remote service deployed from within the inbound platform, meaning no hardware or software is required. This is a true queuing service, where the longest waiting caller is put through next, and offers huge capacity allowing for hundreds or even thousands of calls to be queued simultaneously where required, without the need for any extra phone lines.
Calls-in-queue reporting is available through the Number Manager web portal allowing you to see live details of waiting calls and caller information.
Call Queuing can be activated quickly on any Fab Telecoms numbers, and personalised audio can be recorded via either a dial-in service, or uploaded straight from a PC.

Call Recording

Like all Fab Telecoms inbound services, Call Recording is a network-based application which can be activated instantly on any non-geographic number in minutes.
As this service is deployed from within the network, no premise-based hardware or software is required meaning no installation is needed.
Fully scalable to any size organisation, large or small, this is the perfect solution for end-user customers requiring a call recording solution, without incurring a capital expenditure cost.
Recorded calls can either be downloaded from the number manager web portal, or delivered by email or FTP at the end of each call.
Call Recording is available on all Fab Telecoms inbound numbers (even ported BT landline numbers), and additionally on outbound calls.

Data Capture

Data Capture offers callers the ability to respond to an automated series of questions either verbally or using their phones keypad.
This is a popular service when pre-screening calls prior to connection to ensure the caller meets set criteria, reducing the physical time spent by staff.
Data Capture can also be used in competitions or voting, or to gauge direct customer service feedback.
Response data and recorded calls can be provided via the Number Manager web portal, or delivered by email to FTP.

Fax to Email

This service allows any Fab Telecoms inbound number to be converted in to a fax receiving telephone number in minutes, allowing you to receive faxes by email wherever you choose.
This is a dynamic solution available with no installation or pre-ordering, allowing for fast connection of service.
Each document can be delivered to multiple email address at the same time, with the service able to receive virtually unlimited faxes simultaneously, meaning no engaged tones for the fax sender.

Hunt Groups

Incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of destination numbers in turn until a call is answered or routes to voicemail, allowing for several people or teams to be offered calls in turn.
Multiple hunt groups can operate at different times or specific days, allowing maximum flexibility of where calls are presented and when.
With the ‘Round Robin’ feature is enabled, the hunt group sequence is re-ordered when each incoming call is received so the same destination number does not always get offered the call first, allowing for an even distribution of calls across the group.

Mid Call Transfer

This feature allows answered calls to be transferred out to another destination number, regardless of where to caller answerer may be, without needing another phone line or having to pay for the cost of making a second call.
This is a network-based feature offering phone system-like functionality over a wide area, so is not restricted to a single location as is a PBX.
This feature can be activated on any Fab Telecoms number in seconds.


As a feature option within Hunt Groups, this is a ‘Ring all at once’ feature allows up to seven different destination phone numbers to ring at the same time until the call is answered, making it an ideal feature for home workers, multi-site organisations or start-up business with no phone system.
All destination numbers ring simultaneously, with the first to answer taking the call. This is a network-based feature offering phone system-like functionality over a wide area, so is not restricted to a single location, as with a phone system.

Number Manager web portal

Number Manager is the new market-leading web application platform that gives customers the ability to self-build and self-manage all inbound numbers & services through a single web portal.
Interacting live with our inbound platform, Number Manager offers amazing functionality and control, allowing customer to self-build and self-manage every service we offer quickly, easily and in real-time, without the need to wait around.
Number Manager completely removes the reliance on third parties, such as a network operator, to process orders and connect services.
Numbers, network features and call routing plans, even complex services such as multi-level IVR’s, can be created and made live in minutes, entirely through the portal.
Live call reporting, real-time calls-in-queue information, in addition to providing access to recorded calls, faxes and voicemails, are all available through the Number Manager web portal.

Ratio call plans

A feature option within Hunt Groups, incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of locations on a percentage share basis, allowing for call distribution to be weighted across multiple sites for an even distribution of incoming call traffic across a workforce.

Time & Day call plans

This feature allows you to route incoming calls to different destination numbers or call plans at different times of the day, or days of the week.
You can specify open & closed times, meaning out of hours calls are treated differently, perhaps routed to mobiles or sent to an out of hours voicemail.


Telesafe™ is a unique technical solution that directly combats the growing problem of credit card fraud and identity theft.
When taking credit card details over the telephone, TeleSafe™ allows the caller to enter their sensitive credit card numbers using their phones keypad, meaning the card holders details are never given verbally at any time.
Using a Semafone API interface created for each client uniquely, the transaction is processed through your usual payment gateway electronically, meaning the person taking the call is never in possession of secure card information.
DTMF tones are blanked out completely, making this a fully PCI DSS compliant solution, allowing calls to be recorded and stored as required, with the sensitive card details removed.

Virtual PBX applications

Buying a new telephone system, whether hardware or IP based, may not be the best solution. Simply utilising some of the intelligent network features available on our inbound platform can remove the need for a new system entirely, meaning no capital expenditure costs, saving huge expense.
Similar in a way to BT Star Services (such as Call Minder, Call Waiting etc), the most common phone system functionality is available and can be deployed quickly and easily as required.
Auto Attendant & IVR, call recording, call queuing, call transfer, voicemail and hunt groups are just a few of the most commonly used features available on a low pay-as-you-go basis.


A professional voicemail service which, when activated, will take messages when calls go unanswered or lines are busy.
Voicemail messages can be delivered in any combination of ways, either by email, FTP, and/or accessed through the Number Manager web portal.
Out of hours voicemail
Out of hours callers can be offered an alternative voicemail service which is available when used in conjunction with the Time & Day feature.
When a service is set to closed, out of hours voicemail will take messages which can be delivered by email, FTP, or accessed through the Number Manager web portal.