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Phone Systems Features With VoIP hosted PBX based in Halifax West Yorkshire

All-inclusive solution, with robust features for one low monthly cost with Fab Telecom Hosted VoiP PBX

Standard VoIP PBX Features
0843 numbers
Fax to email
Call diversion
Call records
SMS messaging
Standard Virtual PBX Features
Caller ID
Call waiting
Call hold
Conference calls
1471 Last caller info
Advanced Virtual PBX Features
Geographic numbers
USA telephone numbers
Virtual PBX
IVR (press 1, press 2…)
Call queues
Caller ID rewriting
Advanced VoIP PBX Features
Online phone book
SMS voicemail alerts
Wi-fi calls
Multiple lines
Time profiles
Customised prompts

A perfect combination of innovation and simplicity

It’s easy to manage your system with your online account and user-friendly interface. Use smartphones and tablets for calls and managing your system on the go – just download free apps and you’re on your way. Connect multiple offices, onsite staff, and remote employees under one phone system, with complete phone and fax capabilities. Sophisticated call management is simple – create extensions for departments, users and all your devices
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What equipment  can I use?

Let us go over a few of the ways that a Hosted PBX from Fab Telecom can be used to replace your current telephone service or work in conjunction with it.

  • Keep your existing landlines – You might choose to keep your existing telephone lines and have calls forwarded from the Hosted PBX service to these telephone lines. For instance when someone calls the “sales” department, the Hosted PBX service could simultaneously call Billy and John’s traditional telephone lines. and or even both their mobiles at the same time
  • Use mobile telephones – Many companies have employees who are outside of the office most of the time (engineers for instance) and would prefer to receive their calls on their mobile telephones. Calls from the Hosted PBX service can be forwarded to your mobile phone and our Hosted PBX services allow you to choose to send a caller to voicemail or transfer the call to another extension (which might be another mobile phone).
  • Use voice-over-IP – our voip hosted pbx services,  eliminates the need to have lots of telephone line with  to make and receive calls. You can choose to use our multi-line digital office telephones that plug directly into your internet connection. Typically there is also an option for using soft phones which are computer programs that simulate a business telephone on your desktop so you can make and receive calls using a USB headset.
  • Use smartphone apps – Smartphones allow companies to better integrate mobile employees into the company’s service. Apps such as Bria for iPhone or Android are relatively new developments in the industry, and allow employees’ smartphones to behave in the same manner as desk phones in the main office. As an example, the smartphone can display the company’s caller ID when placing outgoing calls, rather than the caller ID of the smartphone itself. The use of a smartphone app also means that calls do not need to be forwarded to the smartphone; the device will inherently make and receive calls as if it was a desk phone. Smartphone apps can work well for mobile users while employees in the company’s physical office can use VoIP desk phones. The two approaches complement each other and can be easily used in conjunction. (Mobile’s do need an internet connect from your service provider though)*

Getting Started With Fab Telecom VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX

All it takes to get started is an Internet connection and a phone, which we can provide and install. Set up is quick – taking only minutes, instead of the weeks old hardware systems would require, with complex and costly hardware to install, maintain and upgrade. Gain instant access to your core functions and features from the central navigation on your computer’s browser. You can also make calls free of charge between sites and offer hosted users.
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The Benefits of a Hosted voip hosted pbx

There are a number of key advantages to using a voip hosted pbx from Fab Telecom versus traditional telephone service or purchasing an office telephone system.

  • Initial Cost Savings – You do not need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system and there is no need to maintain it. With a Hosted PBX solution the office telephone system is operated and maintained by Fab Telecom.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings – Typically, a Hosted PBX implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional PBX. These ongoing savings are in addition to the initial savings on capital outlay.
  • Geographical Flexibility – Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even overseas.
  • Local Presence – Hosted PBX systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence or open a virtual office in Leeds or Manchester to London.
  • Credibility – For small businesses a virtual system can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. Traditional telephone systems are generally cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations.
  • Scalability – Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle as well as how many lines you have purchased from Fab Telecom. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to.
  • Quick Setup – A Hosted PBX solution can have you up and running very quickly compared to a traditional telephone system.
  • Ease of Use – End-user management of a Hosted PBX is far more user-friendly than is the case with traditional solutions. Intuitive web interfaces mean that anyone can manage, monitor and make changes to the service at any time, without needing any specialised skills or experience.

Usage Example

A customer calls your telephone number and the call is answered either by your receptionist or an automated greeting (IVR). You can even have multiple receptionists in different geographical locations answering your incoming calls. If the receptionist is not available and an automated greeting answers the phone call, customers can choose a specific department, by pressing one for sales 2 for accounts. One of the great benefits of a Hosted PBX system is that employees can be working in different geographical locations. For instance, an employee working from home in Ripponden can transfer a caller to technical support which is located in Halifax. Employees can answer calls from their mobile phones, on a laptop, from their home or anywhere with a traditional landline or internet connection using one of our business Voice-over-IP hansets.

Feature benefits:

The advantages of our VoIP virtual voip hosted pbx

  • There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise required to manage and use your phone system.
  • Get instant activation for your phone and fax service, without additional software to purchase or install.
  • The latest features and functionality update instantly.
  • Access your phone system from everywhere – all you need is an Internet connection.
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